Left-side driving a hired vehicle and maybe also you’re first adventure into Africa, Namibia?

“Are you here for business or pleasure?”

Guest: “I am here for pleasure with at least 21 days of holiday to look forward to. Please drive slow as I want to see how you are driving on the left-hand side of the road.”

Me: “At night I always drive slow as there are wild animals to look out for, the road is dark & people tend to speed without realizing the dangers lurking. Are you going to experience Namibia with a tour-guide or have you planned your trip before-hand?”

Guest: “No, we are going to rent a vehicle tomorrow & plan our days into certain areas such as Windhoek for a few days, Luderitz & should time allow it, a few more places.”

Me: “Have you been to Namibia before?”

Guest: “No, it is the first time ever in Africa, let alone Namibia.”

What does one think immediately? Are they simply adventurous and always planning their usual holiday like this, or are they simply two people who decided to make a sudden huge decision to venture into Africa for the 1st time taking dangerous chances…or are they simply looking for trouble doing something that they know nothing about?

Thousands of kilometers from Germany all the way to Africa, Namibia & 21 days have not been planned ahead. Two people, a warm-hearted couple having the holiday of a lifetime & they want to drive their own rented vehicle into the vast countryside of Namibia without a guide, no planning ahead…and no experience of driving on the left-hand side of the road except the 30 minutes they spend in the vehicle with myself driving them to their designated Guesthouse from the International Airport.

Yes, thank goodness, we all have different personality types & there-for many people reading this right now would either not agree with their decision or my responsibility towards the fact that I truly care for visitor’s safety within the borders of our country. Yes, it could be due to the fact that we would like to reap a financial benefit by assisting visitors to the best of our ability, and yet it could also be for the mere reason that so many visitors in all countries can simply not be safe enough without the proper investigation, planning or/and proper guidance by people that can assist. Which weighs heavier?

The following ideas and points given is merely examples from a normal person when this person decides to venture into an unknown country & anyone with expert knowledge are welcome to add ideas & points into the comments for future visitors to take into serious consideration when planning such an amazing holiday.

1) Decide which country you sincerely want to explore.

2) Find as much information as you possibly can to read, see & hear about the country by means of travelling books, the internet and international news.

3) Add friends of the specific country to your internet social mediums and start corresponding with those friends. Look for the cities or towns you are interested in visiting and add friends living in those cities.

4) Find travelling agencies on the internet within the border of the country chosen & request to be sent different holiday packages or ideas. Request information about driving on your own as well as ideas & assistance to link with personal tour-guides or information for group tours. These same requests could be put forward to your new-found-friends at your social pages as well & you will be surprised how much information you will find.

5) Search for Guesthouses, Pension Hotels, Game Lodges, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts in the different towns or cities within the country of your choice & correspond with a few to find the correct answers which is suitable for you & your companion/family.

6) Study the wild animal life within the border of the country & the effect the wildlife might have on driving on the country’s roads for you as a 1st-time driver within the country. Search for National Parks in order to add at least one on your list of planning into your days.

7) Search for the laws of driving within the country’s borders in order to know what you are letting yourself into. Either practice some-where remote before even planning to leave for the country in mind or speak to your social friendship via internet to receive tips of travelling & driving in the country or simply find a reliable guide driving you & your family through using all the information above as everyone have access to reliable drivers, tour-guides and/or shuttle services which they trust.

8) Download a complete map of the country in question and become familiar with the areas & distances. Keep updated of the weather conditions at all times to get a good idea of how it could be similar or different from your home-country.

9) Request personal normal information from your internet social circle in the country such as; what is more important, water, cool-drinks, clothing to wear & anything small that might be considered by yourself as nothing…which could in fact just save your life and those of your loved-one’s in time of need.

10) Plan your trip according to the days you have planned, making use of the map you should by now know off-by-heart. Start at one side of your interests moving into a selected direction to be able to visit every main feature of your choice without having to back-up all the time wasting precious time. Use all the information you have gathered from everyone & each company involved or simply book a complete tour with the travel agency of your choice & save yourself the time & effort to enjoy an amazing holiday away from home.

You will find all the above mentioned are capable of finding the right places to stay, select reliable shuttle services for long-distance transport as well as in-town transport & keep your safety at heart trusting your experience will be awesome…so awesome, you’ll be back for more pampering…and bring friends along next time!

If you wish to comment in general or ask questions, now is the time for action.


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