Planning for an extraordinary holiday important…

Even though most tourist agency companies have established shuttle/transfer services they have been dealing with continuously which are usually included in a package a tourist would be booking, it does not necessarily make complete provision for transport always during ones visit in a city for example Windhoek in Namibia on a daily basis.

There are occasions when one finds one-self in the position that you would like to venture into town on your own breaking away for a few hours from the group or arrangements and for those cases there are a few self-employed shuttle/transfer service owners such as myself as well as many others which are available and reliable.

Unfortunately information, details and contacts are not always included there-for I am presenting an opportunity to everyone and anyone that have the idea to tour or visit Windhoek Namibia in future to contact me via email for relevant information about my own service as well as other services available and I shall gladly assist by sharing contact details for future use.

There are transfer/shuttle services(owned by self-employed owners) available such as Airport to Windhoek (any destination inside the town of Windhoek) and vice verse. Also these same services could be contacted for providing in-town transfer to restaurants or hotels should you feel like a change of dining out and also available is the opportunity to be transferred for a short half-day or day tour within town borders.

Obviously it is also possible to request quotations for shuttle/transfers from Windhoek to any destination outside Windhoek within Namibia and vice verse. Mostly it is not always easy to find reliable transport such as these if someone did not refer them personally that you already know well and trust how-ever, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This offer also applies to business people intending visiting Windhoek Namibia and are equally welcome to find more information for their own personal use or on behalf of their company they represent. I am reachable through Linked In but should it not be sufficient information, feel free to email me at for more information and contacts. Heila’s Shuttle Service are ready to give meaning to your visit & I shall be most willing to share more shuttle service’s information for you to choose from.

Africa, and Namibia within Africa can be an exhilarating experience should one consider all possibilities to let it happen.


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