General introduction to everyone with future travel plans into Africa, destination Namibia!

One of the 5 most popular destinations for a lifetime holiday experience by worldwide tourists is undoubtedly Namibia, especially during winter. It is also the time of the year hunters with high expectations reserve well ahead to show their skills and become part of the elite group of hunters to be able to hunt in Namibia with strict restrictions applied and regulated by the Government of Namibia in collaboration with Nature Conservation. Together with those expectations it can most certainly be the holiday of a lifetime for the whole family.

There are also visitors that want to enjoy and experience a life-style different to their own, travel through Namibia, live the magic of awesome sunsets and sunrises together with the freedom of the vastness Namibia presents, hence leaving permanent footsteps within most tourists hearts and minds.

Before any of the above can become reality, there are planning ahead of time such as services offered by tour companies or guides as well as services which people often tend to forget though it should be as important within the planning schedule. 

Any country welcomes visitors and Namibia is no different. Namibia is a proud country with a diverse population of interesting cultures, history that was written, re-written and yet again written there-for a mysterious and exciting destination. Professionals with business or investing in mind are included as Namibia offers opportunities for all.

My introduction is mainly for any person anywhere in the world that is or might be considering in future to plan their dream, once in a lifetime or hunting holiday to the destination, Namibia in Africa, neighboring country to South Africa, not to forget the business professionals planning to visit Namibia.

I will be concentrating mainly sharing various experiences through having a business of my own, “Heila’s Shuttle Service” and “Heila’s Wash Saloon” by means of photographs and stories. I am not an operational tour-guide however, through years of experience have the ability to share options and suggestions through the eyes of a local Namibian which does not mean I can not be a designated driver to those who wishes to plan their own holiday as it will not be the first time and not the last. Due to my shuttle service visitors previously welcomed the fact that they could plan their own trips but leave the driving to an experienced local Namibian driver.

I trust I will accumulate many readers interested to follow my page as well as requesting information that could be of assistance to their future travelling plans.



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